The Single Cigarettes

by Camea Smith | 14.12.17

Ira Shalit is an artist and educator based in Tel Aviv. His first solo show, The Single Cigarettes, is currently on view in his adjacent home and studio, located in a lovingly kept rooftop apartment in south Tel Aviv. Shalit has initiated various participatory art projects and co-founded Ulam, a shared experimental studio for artists and local youth in the Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon.

As an artist who regularly collaborates with his fellow colleagues, his solo exhibition followed an ongoing dialogue with artist and curator Ishai Shapira Kalter and is shown as a part of Ventilator, Shapira Kalter’s nomadic exhibition space. The Single Cigarettes features intimate drawings from 2011-2017 which have never been exhibited before. Combining digital illustrations and mixed media, the sketches depict translucent dreamscapes, a playful aesthetic and an intuitive internal logic.

The Single Cigarettes will run from Friday December 15-Saturday December 16 between 12:00-16:00. 3 Elyqum St., Tel Aviv.

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