Smoke Rings

by Camea Smith | 21.12.17

“Smoke Rings” is a duo exhibition by Yotam Menda-Levy and Jasmin Vardi. The artists’ video installations feature re-enactments of self-defining memories, combining historical, fictional and testimonial characteristics.

Yotam Menda-Levy debuts “Hurricane 901”, a video depicting a monologue about a seemingly traumatic experience. Uttering a visceral testimony, the video’s heroine struggles to speak while inhaling smoke generated by several fog machines. The jets of smoke hide the speaker from sight and attract attention to the veiling apparatus.

Jasmin Vardi’s video installation, “The Suspension Team”, incorporates footage of ships stranded on land with a voice-over narration of a letter addressed to the first person whose body was preserved in the cryogenics procedure (a process that freezes people with the intention of future revival). Vardi merges images of perpetually docking ships with a text dedicated to a man suspended in a state of ongoing limbo.

The exhibition Smoke Rings is currently on view until January 13 at Gabirol Gallery, 106-108 Ibn Gabirol Street, Tel Aviv.

Yotam Menda-Levy – “Hurricane 901” video installation (detail)

Jasmin Vardi – “The Suspension Team,” video installation (detail)

Jasmin Vardi – “The Suspension Team,” video installation (detail)



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