Culinary Choreography

by Camea Smith | 04.01.18

Avi Ben Shoshan is an industrial designer with a passion for the culinary world. With a background in fine art and in fashion (draping, sewing and sampling), Ben Shoshan went on to study industrial design at Shenkar College. After recently completing his studies, he joined the team of designers and potters working at the Binyamini Ceramics Center in south Tel Aviv. There, he experiences in a wide range of ceramic design techniques.

Motivated by an avid interest in cooking, hosting and fine dining, Ben Shoshan designed “Food Performance“, a tableware collection inspired by body movements that are intuitive to eating: licking fingers at the end of a meal, nibbling, smearing and scraping. Featuring four eating objects, he reconsiders the interaction between eating gestures and cutlery, creating a culinary choreography with utensils that function as extensions of the human body.

Ben Shoshan approaches each new project with a keen eye for detail and a close attention to sensory experiences. Combining his skills in industrial design and his newly acquired knowledge in ceramics, he strives to find the balance between the unexpected outcome of the organic materials used in pottery and the goal-oriented process associated with design.

Instagram: @avibnsh

Photo credit: Sveta Shelegovskaya


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