by Camea Smith | 26.04.18

Haia’s Charlotte blouse, matched with the label’s Coco skirt. Photo by Natalie Michelson

The fashion designer Haia Michelson Smolarchik founded her eponymous brand six years ago. In her adjacent studio and boutique located in a serene corner of Gordon street, she designs timeless pieces that exude minimalist ease. Alongside her seasonal collections, she recreates wardrobe staples, essential classics that have become integral components of Haia’s design DNA. These best-seller items showcase polished tailoring and relaxed elegance, and attest to the designer’s knack for creating looks that transition effortlessly from day to night.

Refraining from the customary separation between working space and shop, Haia’s atelier offers her clientele a sneak peek into her working process and the clothes are crafted as part of an ongoing dialogue with her customers. The designer’s home is located close by to the boutique, enabling her to work on her collections while staying in proximity to her partner, the actor Ami Smolarchik, and their two boys. Michelson Smolarchik’s sister, Natalie, has joined the label, doubling as store manager and in-house photographer.

Haia’s casual outfits feature flattering silhouettes and unique details, epitomizing Michelson Smolarchik’s signature take on femininity. While designing her capsule collections, she creates clothes that she could easily envision herself or her friends wearing – comfortable, practical and yet impeccably graceful. Adding a sophisticated twist to everyday looks, Haia specializes in refined, limited edition designs that you’ll want to wear on repeat.

Haia, 45 Gordon Street, Tel Aviv, 03-529-7777 | Facebook | Instagram: @haia_michelson_smolarchik

Haia’s Nina dress. Photo by Natalie Michelson

Haia’s transitional Kate coat, worn with the Lana sweater and Moonlight pants. Photo by Natalie Michelson

Haia’s Harvey dress, crafted from light velvet. Photo by Natalie Michelson

Haia’s Charlotte blouse, paired with the brand’s Coco skirt. Photo by Natalie Michelson

Haia’s Harvey dress. Photo by Natalie Michelson




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