Agas & Tamar

by Camea Smith | 10.05.18

Agas & Tamar’s ultimate goal is to create handcrafted jewelry pieces that tell a story of materials, techniques and surprising combinations. The brand’s boutique was founded twenty years ago by Einat Agassi and Tamar Harel-Klein on Shabazi street in the picturesque neighbourhood of Neve Tzedek and has become a pillar of stability in Tel Aviv’s rapidly changing cityscape. The two jewelers met in a goldsmith studio in Jaffa as young students and their growing friendship and mutual dialogue evolved into an ongoing creative partnership.

Mixing together natural and man-made elements, Agas & Tamar artfully incorporate a wide range of materials to create one of a kind designs. Metals and gems are combined with unique antiques: brass weights that were once used for measuring gold and Byzantine buttons are re-imagined as necklace pendants and ancient coins and fragments of crusader rings are inlaid into contemporary pieces. Intrigued by the fusion of the past and the present, one of Agas and Tamar’s iconic rings is engraved in ancient Hebrew script, featuring the words love, luck, happiness, health and blessings.

Agas and Tamar’s latest collection, “Thoughts of Air,” was inspired by Agassi and Harel-Klein’s journey to Japan. The collection focuses on negative spaces and includes a sculptural necklace with a gold skein pendant, floral motif golden earrings resembling the Japanese cherry blossom and minimalist bracelets, earrings and rings. Agas and Tamar’s devotion to maintain the gentle balance between the raw feel of the materials and the refined handmade pieces has garnered the brand many fans in the local and international audiences. The designers will celebrate two decades of inventive creation in the launching of their new collection, which will be unveiled this summer.

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Agas & Tamar, 43 Shabazi Street, Tel Aviv, 03.516.8421. | Facebook | Instagram: @agasandtamar


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