C’s Cuffs

by Camea Smith | 21.05.18

Founded by the industrial designers Maayan Fogel and Yoni Chechick, C’s is a brand of metal goods that focuses on creating one of a kind cuffs with innovative artisanal techniques. The unisex cuffs are handcrafted in Tel Aviv and wrap around the wrist like a second skin. C’s rigorous attention to detail is embodied in the hexagon and square shaped cuffs, made in five different sizes from “man bent metal.” Fogel and Chechick have designed and developed apparatuses and tools to form the bracelets, carefully accompanying the cuffs from the stage of the raw material to the final object. Their studio practice incorporates precision, exceptional expertise and an uncompromising aesthetic and the cuffs are created in a pristine surrounding, resembling a laboratory.

C’s founders, Maayan Fogel and Yoni Chechick, met during their studies at the Industrial Design department at Shenkar college. While closely collaborating with each other at C’s Cuffs, they are also involved in other projects: Fogel specializes in restoring and conserving outdoor sculptures (he has worked on the restoration of many monumental artworks, including sculptures made by the renowned Israeli artist Menashe Kadishman) and Chechick builds models and develops custom made objects for the architecture studio AN+. Architecture is one of their main sources of inspiration, leading to the emphasis on volume, clean shapes and proportions in the design process of C’s metal cuffs.

Every cuff is lovingly crafted by Fogel and Chechick at the studio, hand bent and engraved with C’s logo on the tip. The duo is also in charge of all of the other aspects of the label: branding, graphic design, packaging and even building the display structures for the shops. The geometric elegance and the purity of the cuff’s distinctive shape contribute to its iconic design. The instantly recognisable cuff – gender neutral and plated with silver, gold or brass – is created with unparalleled craftsmanship, ensuring its allure is maintained over time. | Facebook | Instagram


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