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by Camea Smith | 24.05.18

SORRY is a clothing brand established by Danielle Weinberg, a graphic designer and illustrator. Weinberg, who has worked on design projects for Google, Youtube, the Jerusalem Film Festival and Pecha Kucha, decided to embark on a new path in 2016. Drawing inspiration from Tel-Avivian nightlife and streetwear, SORRY began with limited edition T Shirts and gradually expanded to a Ready to Wear line (including dresses, buttoned shirts, jackets and trousers), accessories, lingerie and swimwear. She developed a distinctive graphic aesthetic for her brand, focusing on a minimal color palette and creating the label’s logo, comprised of the crossed out word “sorry” and expressing her goal to design unapologetic fashion.

In 2017, the fashion designer Matan Elyakim joined SORRY, accompanied by the textile designer Liya Harpak, who also manages the brand’s studio. Together, the trio made Weinberg’s vision for the Summer 2018 collection come to life, incorporating tailoring, embroidery and silk screen prints. Weinberg has a way with words: the collection’s name, “Feelings,” is stitched on a collar of a crisp white shirt and the words “not” and “obsessed” are embroidered in white thread on a black tunic’s cuffs. The collection features more verbal games, including shirts sewn from a fabric created especially at the studio, printed with a striped pattern on which the word “memories” appears in random locations, referring to repressing and recollecting past experiences, and unisex shirts are embroidered with the motto “Unfriends Club.”

SORRY’s Summer collection will be launched this weekend (Friday-Saturday 25-26/5) at the Dress Code fashion fair (Dubnov 8 Street, Tel Aviv), alongside Weinberg’s collaboration with Gal Angel, the designer behind the swimwear and lingerie label Ugly Duckling. Weinberg and Angel paired up to create covetable intimates, ranging from sheer mesh bralettes with strategically placed Xs to underwear, bodysuits, athletic bras and leggings adorned with the SORRY logo. SORRY designs are available in the brand’s online shop, at selected boutiques and at Weinberg’s studio, which is located at Romano House in south Tel Aviv, one of the city’s hottest spots.
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Photos by Zohar Shitrit


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