The Print House

by Camea Smith | 07.06.18

Rea Ben David at The Print House

The Print House is a state of the art print studio located in the bustling Levontin street in south Tel Aviv. The studio specializes in fine art and photographic printing, archival mounting and framing and is currently celebrating its ten year anniversary. Established by Rea Ben David, the studio team includes professional photographers and artists, aiming to achieve the highest quality prints while using archivally sound materials and the latest technology. The studio also provides a range of services – image processing, scanning and creating 3D models of exhibition spaces with rendering software. The studio also maintains a framing workshop, located in 14 Ha’manoa Street and run by Elad Tol, a skilled craftsman who builds custom made wood and aluminium frames, picked especially to compliment the photographic prints. The frames are all sawn, sanded and painted at the workshop.

As a student, Rea Ben David instantly fell in love with the meditative ambiance of the dark room. During his photography studies at Hadassa Academic College in Jerusalem, he traveled to Germany with the photographer and lecturer who taught him the art of printing, Etty Schwartz. They visited the photography laboratory Grieger at Düsseldorf that became world famous for producing large-format prints for the renowned German photographers Thomas Struth, Thomas Ruff and Andreas Gursky. The visit served as a formative experience for Ben David, who opened The Print House a year later, in 2008, with Schwartz in tow. In its first decade of activity, Ben David’s studio has strived to push the boundaries of the medium of photography with its innovative approach to fine art printing and display solutions.

Each year, the Print House provides a print scholarship for three students graduating from the photography departments in colleges and academies throughout Israel, in order to encourage them to exhibit their final projects in the most optimal way. Since 2016, the studio organizes an annual print fair, with limited edition prints by local artists and photographers. The Print House’s expertise plays an integral part in the Israeli art scene, and at any given time the studio is involved in the production of simultaneous exhibitions in Israel and abroad. The Print House’s work is based on an ongoing dialogue between the highly experienced team at the studio and the emerging and established artists that they accompany in their creative process.

The Print House, 7 Levontin Street, Tel Aviv, 03-6855362. | Facebook | Instagram: @rea_printhouse


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