Mediterranean Manicure

by Camea Smith | 21.06.18

Jewel toned, stiletto shaped or glitter strewn – Michal BenJakob’s bold nail art is instantly recognisable. The nail designer and independent curator has gradually amassed a loyal clientele of artists, musicians and stylists, opting for decadent nail creations and inspired combinations. Executing her painstakingly hand-painted designs on relatively tiny canvases – short or long nails – BenJakob has a penchant for textured accents and exaggerated bling.

BenJakob’s nail obsession began a decade ago, when she used to bite her nails and broke the habit by applying acrylic nails. With time, her well groomed and feminine talons became one of her defining visual traits. After countless manicures performed by her trusted nail technician, BenJakob attended nail treatment courses at a beauty academy and acquired the knowledge and experience to become a professional nail artist.

BenJakob explains that she perceives nail art as a form of visual story telling and as a platform for self expression. Drawing inspiration from her artistic background and using her sculptural skills in new and unexpected ways, she is devoted to creating “art at your tips,” temporary and customised creations adorning her clients’ finger tips. In Tzipornaje, a cross between an artist’s studio and a nail salon, the Tel Aviv based nail artist invites you to indulge yourself with over the top nails.

For enquiries, contact Michal BenJakob – 052-5284423 | Instagram: @artatyourtips

Photo by Shelly Lugassi


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