Sivan Sternbach

by Camea Smith | 16.12.18

A pastry chef turned ceramic artist, Sivan Sternbach describes the similarities between the two crafts: “Kneading the clay (or the dough), putting it in the oven and waiting for it to be ready and then glazing it – baking and ceramics are analogous and require the same patience and meticulous care.” However, she mentions that “My baked goods used to be devoured and eaten, and my ceramic creations are here to stay.”

Over the last seven years, Sternbach has been creating her signature ceramic balloons in her studio, located in Yehuda Hamaccabi Street in Tel Aviv. After exhibiting her works in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Herzliya and the CUCU Hotel in Tel Aviv. In August 2017 Sternbach made her dream come true, when an installation including 100 of her hand-made balloons was featured in the renowned picture windows of Bergdorf Goodman’s, a luxury department store situated in Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, NYC.

Sternbach met with David Hoey, the visual presentation director of Bergdorf’s and they planned different themes and designs for each of the store’s five windows. From oversized fibreglass balloons, to helium balloons sculpted from clay as letters or adorned with metallic hues, the balloons matched the featured garments and window displays perfectly.

Nowadays, Sternbach continues to create made-to-order ceramic balloons for private collectors and to sculpt permanent installations for various locations. Regarding her preferred practice, Sternbach says: “I love taking something so lightweight and ephemeral as a balloon, that can easily burst or fly away, and transforming it into a durable and long lasting object.”
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Photos by Sarale Gur-Lavy


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